We work with accountants, solicitors, patent attorneys and other business professionals working with an eligible company within the creative, industrial and technological sectors.

Cooden Tax Consulting is able to work with you to identify eligible companies within the creative, industrial and technological sectors and is focused solely in the areas of R&D Tax Relief, Patent Box and Video Games Tax Relief. They are able to enhance your customer offering, by undertaking complex Research & Development Tax Relief claims for your clients.

Extensive knowledge
and experience

Simon Bulteel, MD, has extensive knowledge and experience from within Industry as well as a successful track record as a company delivering R&D Tax Relief claims services to professionals and clients directly.

Opportunity to add
real value

You have an opportunity to add real value and contribute to the growth and development of your clients’ business through their R&D Projects, Patents and Video Games. The money claimed can have a significant impact on companies within creative, industrial and technological sectors.


Benefits of becoming a referrer

Cooden Tax Consulting is successfully establishing a network of professionals including accountants and solicitors, all benefiting from a pro active approach to identifying potential R&D Tax relief customer opportunities.

Cooden Tax Consulting offers a flexible referral and consultancy arrangement to suit you and your clients.

Find Out How!

The potential to add value to both your clients’ and
your own business speaks for itself, and the benefits of a
successful claim – potentially game changing.

Contact us for an informal discussion on how we can work together for the benefit of your customers.

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