A Pharmaceutical company

It is not often especially in the current climate, that I would give full marks across all areas when rating a professional service provider. However Simon Buteel is certainly an exceptional case. In our case Simon was able to hit the ground running in terms of the speed with which he turnaround our problems.I can sincerely say that Simon scored full marks in terms of his knowledge, efficiency and ultimately in the delivery of a very successful outcome on all projects which he has undertaken.Simon is the at the forefront of his industry and can be relied upon to deliver excellent results in the shortest possible time and offers the strongest value proposition I have seen in our industry. In summary I would highly recommend Simon and describe him as, “Best in Class.”Nasar HussainCommercial Director

What could they have done better?

I would struggle to think what Simon could have done better except maybe offering some periodic updates and continuous training to our team after he had completed his assignments.

From the Finance Director of the same Pharmaceutical company

Simon is a true professional, and his knowledge and ability will underpin every business with great effect. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

What could they have done better?

Nothing at all, the service was exemplary

An Electric Motorbike Manufacturer

I own a small limited company that has grown quite rapidly and Simon Bulteel has helped us through our growing pains. He has helped us with basic company tax filing and applying for R&D tax credits. He has a great skill in being able to explain complex tax issues in a way we can understand and relate to our business. Patience is one of his virtues!

What could they have done better?

What could he have done different? I wish Simon would have taken a pay cut and come and worked for us full time.

A Platinum-IBM IT Services Company

Simon came in and explained with absolute clarity and great sense how we could and should be claiming tax relief for R&D work that we’d undertaken. This was something we simply hadn’t considered before and the more we dug into it the more work we discovered we’d done that qualified.The way he supported us and helped us throughout the claim was excellent. Furthermore the wider benefit of his friendly and expert advice in the wording of new contracts has meant that we are better positioned going forward to claim tax relief on all future qualifying work.

What could they have done better?

With the cyclical nature of accounting, a longer term concern would be that as his client base expands does he have the capacity to deal with the peak times when multiple claims need to be submitted simultaneously.

A company developing a customer loyalty App

In a nutshell Lifesaver.Simon, of Cooden Consulting Limited, helped to get our business out of a tight spot. While we were waiting for our CrowdCube listing to finalise, we had a hiatus in our cashflow and he came just in time. Delivering a fast, efficient and professional solution, resulting in the cash tax credit paid into the business account within a couple of weeks. During what was a busy time for all parties involved, Simon was able to be on site, grasping an understanding of the business quickly, discussing with the key management the various issues, and then completing all the filing, amending backdated returns, reconciling to submissions, and writing up and sending off the attached report, all himself within days. If you are any sort of company, tech or otherwise, its worth getting Simon to come in and have a chat about how he can help you with R&D Tax credits..

A company developing their own bespoke in house software

Simon was recommended to us by our accountants due to his knowledge around R&D tax credits. He worked with both our finance team and our accountants to submit the claims and achieve a saving on our corporation tax.As a result of his initial work we continue to use his services.

An inhouse software development project

Simon is a very personable individual with a good knowledge of the subject of R&D tax credits.Simon gave very practical and clear tax advice regarding R&D tax credits. As a result of the work he did for us we were able to make a substantial tax reclaim. We continue to use his services in this area. Highly recommended.

What could they have done better?

Very happy with the advice and practical help given, could not have done anything better.

A specialist software development company

Extremely efficient and supportive. The best benefit was that Simon did 95% of the work required to obtain the R&D tax credit. Without his help we would have continued to avoid the issue given our lack of understanding of the process.

What could they have done better?

Not much a all!

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