In today’s post-Brexit landscape there is a confusing array of grant funding available to businesses. Whether that be the last of European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) money or more local grants to help businesses scale, there is probably something there for your business. The landscape for business support grants is constantly evolving.

Here at Cooden we only focus on grant funding to help companies for their Research and Development activities. Whether that be Grant Funding from Innovate and particularly Smart Grants, working with a University through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership. obtaining funding to work with one of the UK’s Catapults for key industries or applying to Horizon Europe for EU Funds to support collaborative R&D efforts.

If your company has an idea for a transformational new material, process, device product or service, then grant funding could be a way to kickstart your project. If you:

  • don’t have sufficient cash to research and develop your idea
  • don’t have the time to focus beyond the day to day business
  • don’t have the staff or the facilities

Don’t let these barriers to entry prevent you from taking your idea further.

Knowing who and where to apply for grant funding can help you find collaborators, researchers and facilities and ultimately the money to turn your idea into the success it could be.

Client Testimonials

We saved £64k with R&D tax relief. Simon is brilliant. He scores 10 out of 10!

Louise Smith
Director, OSET Bikes UK Limited

You really need a specialist for R&D tax relief. Simon saved us £140k+

Stephen Bull
Finance Director, Barth-Haas UK Ltd

You really need a specialist for R&D tax relief. Simon saved us £140k+

Max Windheuser
Director, Evinox Energy Ltd

As a start-up with a unique mobile app, saving £8k+ in tax is a big deal.

Joel Burgess
Founder & CEO, Nutrifix

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Grant Funding FAQs

Do I need to be a company to apply for a grant?
How much funding could I receive?
Will my grant pay for all of my costs?
How does your process work?
Will claiming a grant affect my ability to claim R&D Tax Relief?
Should I take into account my ability to claim R&D Tax Relief when applying for a grant?
When do I receive the money?
We may have a cash shortfall can we still apply?
What sort of projects get grant funding?

How We Help

At Cooden Tax Consulting we help limited companies that are advancing the state of their industry and investing in innovation to maximise the use of the tax incentives available. Your R&D Tax Relief claim can be received as a cash payment, reduce corporation tax, or increase taxable losses.

The average R&D tax credit claim for SMEs is around £55,000, but many eligible businesses are still failing to claim.

There are over 500 pages of guidance for putting in an R&D Tax Credits claim, but our team of experts specialise solely in Technology Tax Reliefs, including the Research & Development Tax Credit and the newly legislated creative industry reliefs.


Simon Bulteel - R&D Tax Consultant