Many creative, technological and manufacturing companies are missing out on Research & Development Tax Relief.



Could you
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Despite being launched in 2000 - Research & Development Tax Relief is still a woefully under utilised Government scheme with many companies in the creative, manufacturing and technological industries unaware of the money they could be claiming through the scheme.

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Specialising solely in
Technology Tax Reliefs

Cooden Tax Consulting specialises solely in Technology Tax Reliefs, which include both Research & Development Tax Relief and the newly legislated Creative Industry Reliefs and provides a seamless, supported R&D tax consultancy process for your company to establish whether you may be eligible for Tax Relief, and help you to claim the money if you are.

The three main areas
covered are

Research & Development Tax Relief

Patent Box

Video Games Tax Relief

Who do we work with?

Businesses with R&D projects
Accountants, Solicitors and Patent Attorneys
who ask us to undertake this specialist
R&D tax relief work on their behalf

An initial consultation to explore whether you may be eligible costs nothing

The money you could be entitled to claim has the potential to transform your project, your cash flow and your company.

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