If you’re business is in the Engineering sector and you’re interested in finding out if you’re eligible to make an R and D tax credits then the team at Cooden can definitely help, we’ve got over 9 years experience of making cliams for Engineering firms of all sizes.

The engineering sector encompasses a wide variety of elements from Precision Engineering for the Auto and Aerospace industry to large scale rail and civil engineering projects such as Crossrail, HS2 or new nuclear, there is innovation across the engineering spectrum.

Designed and Engineered in Britain evokes the same feelings around the world as Made in Britain does for the manufacturing industry. There is a reason that firms in Motorsport and Aeronautical engineering base themselves in the UK and that is because of the high-tech skills of the workforce and the quality of craftsmanship, backed up by a University sector that is still leading the way in the field.

The launch of the “Catapults” over recent years has seen the UK double down on it’s investment in the sector and this can only be a positive thing.

Engineering R&D Tax Relief FAQs

What sort of projects qualify?
What sort of businesses have you worked with?
Does our project have to succeed?
We develop products for specific customers, can we still claim?

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R&D Tax Credits

R&D tax credits have been used to contribute billions of pounds to the UK economy, with the incentive available to companies of all sizes and in all sectors. They should be an integral planning consideration for all engineering businesses, providing a great financial benefit and helping companies develop an R&D culture that helps teams make more calculated, educated risks. From wages of employees and sub-contractors to software and materials, there are various forms of expenditure which can be claimed for through R&D tax relief claims.

Client Testimonials

As a start-up with a unique mobile app, saving £8k+ in tax is a big deal.

Joel Burgess
Founder & CEO, Nutrifix

We saved £64k with R&D tax relief. Simon is brilliant. He scores 10 out of 10!

Louise Smith
Director, OSET Bikes UK Limited

You really need a specialist for R&D tax relief. Simon saved us £140k+

Stephen Bull
Finance Director, Barth-Haas UK Ltd

You really need a specialist for R&D tax relief. Simon saved us £140k+

Max Windheuser
Director, Evinox Energy Ltd

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At Cooden Tax Consulting, we specialise in R&D tax relief, helping businesses to uncover project expenditure that you may be missing. We can identify what needs to be included in a claim and what can be left out, helping you to minimise the chance of HMRC challenging your claim.

If you’re working within the engineering or manufacturing sector and believe you could benefit from R&D tax relief, contact us today for advice and guidance.

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