Need a proofreading & claim review service?


Proofreading & Claim Reviews

Have you or your accountant prepared your own technical report and R&D Tax Relief claim? Proofreading and reviewing your documents is a critical step before a claim is submitted.

As R&D Tax Relief specialists, we offer three service options that will give you the reassurance that your claim should be successful.

We have a 100% success rate with claims ranging from £1.8k to over £540k.

Peace of mind

We offer three choices to give you added piece of mind that your claim should be successful. These three choices are as follows:

We know that not everyone prepares a technical report to support their R&D Tax Relief Claim, in fact if your project spend is under £10,000 we would suggest that you don’t need one. If your project spend is between £10,000 and £20,000 then a brief description of the project will probably suffice.

Using these services can’t guarantee that your R&D Tax Relief claim won’t be selected for an enquiry by HMRC, but it should give you confidence that you’ve done all you can to reduce the risk of a significant adjustment to your claim.

Is your project spend over £20,000?

We would suggest that you need a technical report for your claim.

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