How Cooden Tax Consulting can you help you with your Technology Tax Relief claim

Highly specialist

The area of Technology Tax Relief and Research & Development Tax Relief is highly specialist and does not fall comfortably under the remit of most accountancy practices.

Simon Bulteel has extensive knowledge and experience in assisting creative, industrial and technological companies make a claim under Technology Tax Relief schemes.

Track record

A qualified accountant regulated by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, with a track record of successful R&D Tax Relief claims, Simon is well qualified to assist creative, industrial & technological companies through the complexities of Technology Tax Relief legislation.


We'll work with you

Simon will work with you and your appointed professionals such as your accountant and finance team to obtain the information relevant to calculate, validate and support a claim by writing a detailed technical report and will work with your accountant to complete the necessary paperwork (tax computations and tax returns) for submission to HMRC.

With so many companies missing out on the potential benefits
they could be entitled to under R&D Tax Relief, make sure
your company is not one of them.

An initial consultation to explore whether you may be eligible costs nothing

Cooden Tax Consulting specialises in helping companies establish their eligibility for R&D Tax Relief