A Carol about R&D Tax Relief for the SME business

Bringing a little cheer to small business owners everywhere is exactly what Cooden Tax Consulting is all about.

As Christmas approaches, this seems all the more appropriate and we offer below a newly commissioned carol, especially for SME’s – and for a bit of festive fun.

We use our expertise in the field of Research and Development Tax Relief, sometimes referred to as R&D Tax Credits, to examine all sorts of research projects, undertaken in a variety of different industries, to establish when and how best to submit an application to HMRC.

There are multiple regulations surrounding such applications and over the last few months Cooden Tax Consulting has produced a series of insightful blogs to help explain the many facets of the R & D Tax Relief schemes

By way of summarising our role and offering a review of some of the blogs ( with links to them in the lines below) we offer a seasonal explanation of what we can do for you; borrowing, as seemed appropriate, from a Christmas carol that’s all about helping others make more of what they’ve got and improving their lot. Our carol is based on the original lyrics to Good King Wenceslas*

We wish all our clients, past, present and future, a very Merry Christmas and look forward to continuing to work with small businesses throughout 2017 , to get you back the cash you fully deserve.

For more information, please follow the links embedded in the lyrics below.


The Small Business Owner’s Carol

Good Lord, when we last looked out
Few tax schemes were pleasing
Corporations all about
Dodgy deals were seizing
But with Cooden Tax Consulting
Claims are bona fide
All the good you see resulting
Keeps the cash flow ti-i-dy

Gather round and you will see
What it is I’m saying
Do you have an SME?
What tax are you paying?
Do you carry out research
Causing a cash onus
Don’t then be left in the lurch
By Saint Homobo-o-nus*

Bring your worries, bring your fears
Bring your papers hither
We’ve been at this game for years
And we do not dither
R & D we understand
Forth we’ll go together
Through the HMRC land
It won’t take fore-e-ver

Let’s be clear as clear can be
Few face an exclusion
When we talk of R & D
It could be your solution
Whilst many cases surely do
Come from tech and science
Other businesses go through
A KTP alli-i-ance

Next year we’ll be looking out
For all sorts of clients
Why not then give us a shout
And place your reliance
On a team that knows it’s stuff
There’s no need to dread it
We’ll find you more than enough
R & D Tax Cre- e-dit


And no one could be displeased about that!


Cooden Tax Consulting is a Niche Tax Consultancy specialising in R&D Tax Credits, R&D Tax Relief, Patent Box and Video Games Tax Relief. We offer a free no obligation consultation to determine whether any projects might be eligible, to explain our services in more detail and discover how our expertise can best serve your business. Please call us on 01424 225345 and ask to speak to Simon or e-mail simon@coodentaxconsulting.co.uk

*Good King Wenceslas – original Lyrics

*St Homobonus is the Patron Saint of Business Owners.

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