Research & Development Tax Relief – The Accountants Dilemma!

Research & Development Tax Relief – The Accountants Dilemma!

The Dilemma

Even though the Tax Relief has been available to SMEs since 2000, it has only really been recently that some businesses have begun to understand its benefit.

If you don’t know by now that R&D Tax Relief can help your clients’ significantly boost their cash flow then read on.

If you do know, I am sure the question you may have been asking yourself on several occasions over the last 5 years is “how do I sell R&D Tax Relief to a client that may have been doing R&D for several years?”


The Solution is an External Expert

We work directly with businesses but also partner with a number of Accountants who refer their clients to us or who we support by reviewing claims and technical reports.

Based on our experience, we estimate that between 5 and 10% of a traditional accountants’ limited company clients are probably performing some form of activity eligible for R&D Tax Relief.

We can work with you to identify those clients, either through direct intervention and a targeted marketing campaign or through a more generic series of communications.

We will work with you as an external expert to help your clients secure probably the most rewarding Tax Relief on the statute and pay you a handsome referral fee.

By telling your clients that you have brought in an expert to support you, you are providing them with peace of mind.


The Expertise You Can Rely On

Our very own Simon Bulteel is an accountant professionally, he spent 10 years in practice predominantly for a large regional firm in West Kent, where he first came across R&D Tax Relief and worked with a client who was developing large scale water purification systems that the MOD purchased.

He moved into industry in 2006 and spent 6 years in Clinical Research and then after redundancy spent 14 months at a World Championship winning Motorsport team.

Whilst his principal roles in those two businesses were financial reporting, both were R&D intensive businesses, so he made it his mission to develop his expertise in that area and obtain as much Tax Relief as he could for them.

In September 2013, after a little bit of moonlighting, and having honed his skills, Simon started working full time in Cooden Tax Consulting and hasn’t looked back.

Cooden Tax Consulting are a niche tax consultancy and only work with companies who may be able to claim R&D Tax Relief, Video Games Tax Relief or Patent Box. The business has evolved into a team of 5 now and is looking to grow further.


The First Step

If you’d like to talk to us in more detail about our range of services to help you support your clients, please contact Simon Bulteel at Cooden Tax Consulting on 01424 225345.

Published in Chartham – Accountants Magazine for ICAEW accountants in Thames Valley