R&D Tax Relief: Is your FOMO going to get the better of you in 2017?

New Year 2017 RnDTax Relief

Happy New Year! Are you ready to give 2017 a really good start? Excellent, so are we!

2016 has gone, hooray! Get 2017 started with a bang!

Did you dust off those New Year’s resolutions?

Did you put making a claim for Research and Development Tax Relief somewhere near the top.

No? Why on earth not?


FOMO – The Fear Of Missing Out

2016 has been a year many people running a Small- or Medium-Sized Business might want to forget in a hurry, the levels of uncertainty aren’t far off unprecedented, but with stiff upper lip, the backbone of the British economy continues to outperform even the most optimistic of indicators post-Brexit Referendum result.

Just think how much better it could have been if you’d listened to your FOMO this time last year and started looking at your projects. You need to be having a chat with your FOMO and #CallSimon to see if we can help you as we move into 2017.


The Fear of Failure and Uncertainty? Not if you use an expert!

It has been even better for those businesses that are claiming R&D Tax Relief, the level of uptake and claim continues both with our own clients who with a great success rate recovered in excess of £1.5m of Tax Relief and in the country as a whole over £2.45b was claimed by over 20,000 different businesses.


Your FOMO could deliver a free cash flow boost!

With an average claim for an SME business valued at over £50,000, if you’ve been doing R&D without knowing it, think what more you could be doing! We work with businesses just like yours to help them get what they are entitled to. This isn’t a “tax dodge”, it is part of the tax legislation and the government see it as a key incentive in driving Britain towards being the “Innovation Nation”.

If you don’t know much about it, just think how much more you could be doing in your business if HMRC were to issue you with a repayment of overpaid tax for 26% of your spend on Research and Development in the last two years.

Or if you are a boot strapping start-up or even a solid business making losses as you go through an intensive period of Research & Development to develop the next big thing in your market place, if you were to get a cheque from HMRC for up to 33.35% of your spend when you surrender the R&D element of the losses.


“It’ll cost too much?” No fear!

We offer a free no obligation meeting, and our “no claim, no fee” guarantee really does give you that extra piece of mind to embolden even the most fearful.

Make sure your FOMO get’s the better of you!

You really have got nothing to lose, unless your year end was December, when you could have just missed out on some serious cash flow for a claim for December 2014!

Don’t let 2017 be another YOMO get started on your claim now! #CallSimon


Cooden Tax Consulting is a Niche Tax Consultancy specialising in R&D Tax Credits, R&D Tax Relief, Patent Box and Video Games Tax Relief. We offer a free no obligation consultation to determine whether any projects might be eligible, to explain our services in more detail and discover how our expertise can best serve your business. Please call us on 01424 225345 and ask to speak to Simon or e-mail simon@coodentaxconsulting.co.uk