R&D Tax Relief in Spring 2019

Spring as always is one of the busiest times of the year as it is every year for an R&D Tax Relief Expert because it is the end of the financial year, so many companies choose to align their company year-end with that in mind.

It also was the start of the exhibition season for us.

As we did last year, we’re supporting the Net XP exhibitions as lead sponsor. We started with the East Sussex Marketing Expo at East Sussex National on Thursday the 21st of March.


Upcoming Events

NetXP will be hosting the West Sussex Tech Expo at Butlins in Bognor Regis on the 13th of June, followed in September by their flagship Mid Sussex Expo at the Ardingly Showground on the 19th of September.

The year will be rounded off in style with the end of year Sussex Conference in Brighton on the 5th of December.

It’s been great working with Sonny Cutting the owner of NetXP. Supporting him through the evolution of their conferences for the last two years.

Our Director Simon Bulteel will also be speaking at a couple of events that we’re also exhibiting at this year.

He already did so on the 1st of May as the opening speaker in the “How to Theatre” at Accountex at Excel London, with his talk on the “A to Z of R&D Tax Relief”.

Next, he will be speaking at The Business Show on the 15th/16th of May, which is also at Excel London.

Keep an eye out on our social media to find out where and when.

We’ll also be at Let’s Do Business Exhibition at the AMEX Stadium on the 13th of June.

How we are going to be at two Sussex-based exhibitions on the same day?

We don’t know, but we’ll find a way!


What Are We Up To?

To finish, we thought we’d give you a brief glimpse of the jobs we’re working on.

These might get you thinking that you were missing out.

We are working with an International software developer who has been developing solutions both for themselves and for their clients.

Some of their client work is on a fixed fee basis so should be eligible to claim for under the SME scheme.

together with their own internal R&D and some of their development work has been subcontracted to them by large and International businesses.

We should be able to claim Research and Development Expenditure Credit for.

We’re also trying to finish a claim for a company that specializes in designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke Industrial Dryers and Roasters, predominantly for the food industry.

On the subject of the food industry, we’ve also just finished a claim for a personalised Nutrition-based app.

We’ve also just been up to Maidenhead to talk to a company that is developing solutions for the Audio/Video Industry, they have a very formalized R&D process and are a great example of innovation in their field.

We are also finishing a claim for a company that specializes in the design and manufacture of electric motorbikes.

They’ve also recently been through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership which certainly adds to their claim.

We’ll also be working on a claim for a company that designs and installs Building Management Systems.

Finally, we’ll be sorting out a claim for a Precision Engineering firm who take their clients designs and find a way to manufacture the end product, often through resolving a number of different technical and scientific challenges.

Their R&D lies in determining the manufacturing process.

Generally, companies like theirs absorb the cost of the R&D and only generate any fees on the units that they are able to sell, this makes them eligible to claim under the most rewarding SME Scheme.

Find out more about R&D Tax Credits.

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That’s just a quick taster of some of the work we’re doing at the moment.

It’s amazing the breadth of R&D happening in businesses across Sussex and the South-East, often at times, it is work being performed without the realization of the potential tax benefits available to the business.

If you’ve got similar activities happening in your business why not give Simon a call on 01424 225345.

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