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Over the last couple of years we have supported three charities and organisations within the East Sussex area and feel that with your help, we could help give them the funding that they need.

You can help us achieve this by donating just 1% of your Research and Development Tax Relief claim to help others.  Below is some information on the charities that we are proud to support.

Children’s Respite Trust

We supported Children’s Respite Trust Charity Golf Day in 2017 and heard about their amazing work and the exciting projects they have and wanted to see if we could support them further.

Our Managing Director, Simon Bulteel, spent two weeks of his summer holiday during his last two years at School volunteering at a Summer Play Camp for Children with Special Needs. Despite this being over 25 years ago, Simon found this experience incredibly rewarding and understands from first-hand experience how much the parents and carers can benefit from just those 6-8 hours of respite care. Children’s’ Respite Trust goes much further than this in providing care for Children and is a charity that we are incredibly proud to support.

Embrace East Sussex

We supported Embrace’s St. Patrick’s Day 2016 event last year and since then, have been looking for another opportunity to support them in a more structured way.

Simon met Becky Whippy who runs Embrace shortly after she set up the charity. Embrace is a charity that provides incredible support for special needs and disabled children through clubs, outreach and advocacy. Becky is a truly committed individual and works with families across East Sussex.

Tech Resort

We have been supporting Tech Resort through their sponsor a chair scheme.

As a Community Interest Company Tech Resort help young people, adult learners, digital and tech businesses, and educators develop digital skills. Tech Resort give local young people aged 8-18 the oppourtunity to get hands on experience with the latest coding and making kits. They have already identified and supported a number of individuals in setting up their own businesses. They also work with local digital and tech businesses to remove barriers to growth – such as finding skilled workers, identifying funding opportunities and securing new premises. We want to diversify the town’s economy away from retail and tourism and raise the average wage.

How to donate

 It’s easy to donate, we can send you a link that will invite you to donate 1% of your R&D tax relief saving to selected charities.

We will donate 1% of all of our fees raised from R&D Tax Relief Claims for all of our clients across the country. We will then match the percentage of each one of your donations up to a further 1% of our fee.

For clients further afield, who feel there are more local causes they would like to support, please let us know the percentage of your Tax Saving you have donated.

Just 1% of your R&D Tax Relief claim can go a long way in helping others in need. Contact us today on 01424  225345 for more information.
















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