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Could your Kent business be claiming R&D tax relief? We consist of a team of highly experienced research and development tax relief experts – we have the expertise you need to offer advice and guidance to businesses in Kent and the surrounding areas.

At Cooden Tax Consulting, we understand the complexities of claiming R&D tax relief – this is a highly involved and specialist area, and there remains a significant lack of understanding amongst businesses. Claiming tax relief can be a significant benefit and can help companies fund future product development.

Our director, Simon Bulteel, is an R&D tax-relief expert with years of experience and knowledge. Simon has helped businesses across Kent to investigate the scope of their R&D work, providing advice and information on claiming tax credits for qualifying projects.

We can help you to understand the qualifying conditions, review the technical aspects of qualifying projects, and produce draft justifications for submission to HMRC.


What is R&D Tax Relief?

The government set up the R&D tax relief scheme in 2000. It was designed to reward innovation and help businesses to grow. Your company might be eligible for R&D tax relief if you create or modify products, services or processes in a scientific or technological field.

The tax relief reduces the corporate tax bill of companies in profit, or is given as a cash payment if the business made a tax loss in the financial year.

What costs qualify for R&D Tax Relief?

Some of the expenditure which qualifies for R&D tax relief includes:

  • Staff costs – including salaried employees, employer NI contributions, pension contributions, and reimbursed expenses, as well as freelancers and contractors
  • Consumables – including water, power, and fuel
  • Hardware and software
  • Payments to subjects in clinical trials

R&D tax credit services we offer

At Cooden Tax Consulting, we can help with all areas of technology tax relief including:

  • R&D Tax Relief (the SME scheme and RDEC (Research & Development expenditure Credit)
  • Video Games Tax Relief
  • Patent Box
  • Proofreading Claim Reviews
  • Tax Enquiry Support

Why choose Cooden Tax Consulting?

Cooden Tax Consulting is a highly experienced team of R&D tax relief specialists – we understand how to get the most out of claims and allow businesses across Kent to maximise their R&D tax credit claim. To date we have submitted claims in excess of £11m for a for companies across a huge range of sectors, with a 100% success rate.

R&D tax is a highly complex and specialist area which is often not covered by standard accountants and tax experts. Our team has extensive knowledge and experience working with businesses to get the right tax claim.

We will work with your appointed accountant to correctly calculate, validate and complete an R&D tax claim.

R&D Tax Credit Success Stories

Case Study – Barth Haas

The Client

Based in Kent, Barth-Haas UK is a supplier of hops products and services. Part of the global, family-owned, Barth-Haas Group, the company is a centre of excellence in the group for hop oils and hop aroma products

The R&D Project

The commercial business has a number of areas of focus for R&D – these include optimising production processes, improving quality and increasing manufacturing yields.

The Solution

Barth-Haas was introduced to Cooden Tax Consulting by their accountants. “Simon is very knowledgeable in preparing and filing claims that provide everything the authorities need,” says Stephen Bull, Finances Director of Barth-Haas. “He emphasises the important things to score on their assessments and concisely argues the point”.

The £35K Saving

Over the course of the last two years, Barth-Haas UK Ltd has saved £35k in tax and will be able to make further claims going forward.

Case Study – The Source

The Client

The Source is an underground BMX skate park. It was developed by sibling BMX riders and leading online retailers, Richard and Marc Moore.

The R&D Project

Building the skatepark was an extremely complex piece of construction. A great deal of scientific research was required. The site was originally constructed in the 1800s and had been derelict for in excess of 18 years. Research was required to understand how timber ramps would expand and contract with the humidity, for example.

The Solution

The team at The Source knew of the government’s R&D tax credit programme, but did not realise they would qualify. The team at Cooden Tax Consulting got in contact with The Source after hearing of the project in the news. “We are delighted that Simon got in touch,” said Richard Moore “He is great. He obviously thoroughly enjoys his work and he takes care of everything for you”..

The £26k Saving

Working with Cooden Tax Consulting, The Source was able to save £26k on their tax bill.

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