In 2000 the Government set up the Research & Development Tax Relief Scheme.

More recently additional Technology Tax Reliefs have been put in place to encourage, support and reward innovation.

Heavily supported
by the Government

It is still heavily supported by Government and has seen recent changes making the scheme more beneficial to companies that are eligible to claim.

80% of potentially eligible
companies are unaware

Despite the support of Government towards technological, scientific and creative innovation, around 80% of companies that are potentially eligible for one of the Technology Tax Reliefs are unaware that they could claim.

Our clients are limited companies that are advancing the state
of their industry through the use of science or technology;
they might be developing new products or processes or
making significant improvements
to existing products or processes.

An initial consultation to explore whether you may be eligible costs nothing

Cooden Tax Consulting specialises in helping companies establish their eligibility for R&D Tax Relief