A few quick thank yous!

Why do some R&D tax consultancy firms only talk about R&D Tax Credits?
9th September 2015
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A few quick thank yous!

I thought one of my first handful of blogs should be a few quick thank yous.

It has taken a few months for this new website project to come together and has taken a lot of hard work and patience from a number of people whilst I try and combine carrying on the day job of preparing Research and Development Tax Relief claims for my clients and deal with all of the reading, checking, verifying, improving and approving things to get the project over the finish line.

To that end, I would like to thank:

Mina O’Brien at Ditzy Media who has become an expert in some of the technical jargon involved in R&D Tax Relief, Patent Box and Video Games Tax Relief and converting it in to common sense language for everyone to understand, hopefully. Thank you for all your hard work in creating the text and for putting up with my red pen.

Phil Burrowes at Avant Commercial who first talked me into the crazy idea of changing my website to focus on customer stories through imagery. He has been responsible for taking all of the photographs that you see on the website. There are still more to come through a series of case studies that will be added over the coming months. Thanks for your help and for bullying me into it, it looks great and thanks for all the plugs through your own blog and through the #ContentRockstar social media training that you and Mina have been doing over the summer, where you have championed me as an early adopter of the concept! I hope you are both right!

Drew Sayer at Neptune Media who was last the party and had to make everything sit together nicely on the website. Drew has been great, he has been incredibly patient, went out of his way to develop a website that met all of my criteria and could really make maximum use of the imagery that Phil has created. Thank you for being so patient through all of the nit picking on wording and spaces and blue bars you are a saint! I don’t think I could have wished for a better site and did I mention the price, awesome!

To my clients who have been very gracious in allowing Phil (and I) to take some wonderful images of them, their products and their premises, they have really helped bring the website to life and will make for great case studies in the very near future. Thank you very much!

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