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Are you worried about your R&D Tax Credits Claim?

Since the start of the year, the R&D Tax Credits industry has been shaken to its core by a significant increase in the number of enquiries being opened by HMRC…

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Research and Development Statistics

Research and Development Tax Relief statistics are out!

It’s that time of year again – “R&D Tax Relief Statistics are out!” Every Autumn, around the end of September or in early October, the Office for National Statistics and…

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Hand holding globe. Environment. Innovation in Sustainability

Can you make innovation in sustainability financially viable in the short term?

COP26 is just around the corner and innovation in sustainability is very much on the agenda. You only have to see some of the recent announcements such as: – Phasing…

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Man corssing his fingers behind his back

The rise of the unscrupulous R&D Tax Credits expert

Over the last 12 months there has been a lot of talk in the accounting and tax profession about the rise in the number of “R&D Tax Credits Experts” coming…

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Image illustrating hay bales

Hello world – meet Tensei

As a slight change to what I normally write about, I thought I would introduce you to a company we have been working with for the last 3 years, who…

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Are we there yet

Are we there yet?

Are we there yet? Four words that used to drive any parent absolutely insane, but after the last 13 months, are probably now music to the ears of a lot…

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Hero Image


Sybil, Baubles, Innovation and the Tax Man It could be a sketch from Fawlty Towers, but it isn’t! It’s happening right here, right now. There has been a lot of…

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Should I claim

Why should I claim R & D Tax Relief?

Should I be claiming Research & Development Tax Relief? It’s a question a lot of business owners ask their accountant. The typical answer is probably “No, you’re not doing anything…

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Supply Chain

R&D Tax Relief claims for the Supply Chain

How R&D Tax Relief can help your business if you are in the Supply Chain According to the December IHS Markit/CIPS UK Manufacturing PMI figures, UK Manufacturing remains in the…

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Innovation Tax Reliefs

2020 Innovation Tax Reliefs

Should I be claiming R&D Tax Relief? It’s a question a lot of business owners ask their accountant. The typical answer is probably “No, you’re not doing anything that qualifies!”…

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Research and Development Cooden

Is your small business missing out on R&D tax credit relief?

It is natural that businesses will put a huge amount of their focus into making sales. After all, it is through increased sales that your business can grow. But that…

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R&D Budget

How big is your R&D Budget?

More importantly have you budgeted for an R&D Tax Credits claim to offset some of that cost as part of your budgeting process? No? Why not? Oh, you don’t know…

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New Clients

Where do your new clients come from?

Do you know where most of your new clients come from? It’s a question you often get asked, whether it’s by a new business partner, a coach or someone supporting…

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Embracing change

Out with the old and in with the new – embracing change

I was recently invited to attend HM Revenue and Customs Research and Development Consultative Committee meeting in the Churchill Room in Whitehall. Over the past 6 months the team processing…

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R&D Tax Credits

Office of National Statistics publishes latest data for R&D Tax Credits

A busy year for the HMRC with R&D Tax Credits Everyone involved in Research & Development Tax Credits will tell you it’s been a busy year for HMRC, with delays…

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Women in STEM

Are we all unconsciously biased?

Are we all unconsciously biased when it comes to Women in STEM and even more so when it comes to women running the business? When I first spoke to Platinum…

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Product Launch

Are you getting financially rewarded for your new product launch?

If you are one of the many exhibitors that launched a new product at PPMA, may I be one of the first to offer you huge congratulations. I’m guessing your…

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R&D Tax Relief Explained

What is R&D Tax Relief and should I claim?

R&D Tax Relief Explained Despite being on the tax statute since 2000, Research & Development Tax Relief remains an often overlooked and frequently misunderstood piece of tax legislation, but correctly…

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Supply Chain

R&D Tax Relief claims for the Supply Chain

UK Manufacturing may be experiencing a “post-failure to Brexit” lull right now, but there are many areas where a manufacturing business can still look to boost its cash flow. One…

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Are you ready for the war on Plastics?

Will you be a winner in the war on plastic? The opening salvo was fired long before the Blue Planet II documentary, but just over a year ago, plastic became…

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