Don’t fear a flavourless beer if you are doing Dry January!

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Don’t fear a flavourless beer if you are doing Dry January!

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Don’t fear a flavourless beer if you are doing Dry January!

Just because you are doing Dry January doesn’t mean that you need to put up with a flavourless beer. The non-alcoholic beer and low alcoholic beer (NABLAB) sector has come a long way since the days of Kaliber from Guiness in the 1980s, and the industry itself has seen growth, with non-alcoholic beer sales increasing by 50%* in the last 5 years.

Although larger breweries like Heineken and Carlsberg have made a stake in the industry with their own alcohol-free variations of beer, the smaller craft breweries are making significant headway in the NABLAB sector of the brewing industry.

A common misconception with alcohol free beer is that it is tasteless. This is where much of the investment in innovation has been focused over recent years, the result of which is more flavoursome alcohol-free beverages. Craft breweries are making more flavoursome alcohol-free brews using a combination of different methods to remove the alcohol, but to preserve the taste.

The development of these new brewing processes will often involve overcoming challenges and uncertainties, it might also lead to the development of a unique piece of equipment to remove the alcohol. These developments, if significant within the industry, could be included in a claim for Research & Development Tax Credits.

Alcohol free, yet still full of flavour

If you’re kicking the booze for January then you needn’t fear about the quality of the replacement beverage that you are drinking. Craft breweries are perfecting their alcohol-free beverages. One brewery in particular, BrewDog, a Scottish brewery, have an excellent alcohol-free beer available called ‘Nanny State’. Nanny State is packed with tasty hops and citrus to ensure a powerful burst of flavour.

The high level of flavour in this beverage is a result of the research that BrewDog carried out in order to discover the perfect combination of hops (Amarillo, Columbus, Cascade, and more) and other ingredients. This Research probably involved the development of new techniques in order to improve taste without impeding on beverage quality. Knowing the industry as we do, we know Brewdog have been regular claimants of R&D Tax Relief (although unfortunately not with us) over many years so don’t let them leave you behind.

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