Research Grants and Tax Allowances Help Fund Green R&D

Green R&D

The UN’s International Panel on Climate Change published its latest report in October 2018. It highlighted the need to curb activities that are accelerating climate change and to cap the rise in global temperatures to 1.5C. The panel estimated that we only have 12 years to bring about this change in order to pre-empt catastrophic weather effects and rises in sea levels.


Rising Sea Levels Aren’t the Only Oceanic Problem

The tide of plastic pollution in the seas came to public attention when it was highlighted on David Attenborough’s Blue Planet series.

Research into ways of preventing and cleaning up pollution and lowering the carbon footprint of businesses and consumers in order to prevent global warming is a huge priority.

Many businesses have projects, or elements of projects, that are trying to address these problems. Yet very few companies that are working with renewables and recyclables, or that are focused on improving energy efficiency in products, are taking advantage of the tax reliefs that are available to them. This means that they’re having to fund their R&D wholly from operating income and are also paying too much tax or unable to convert tax losses into cash.


The Green Growth Platform

The Green Growth Platform at the University of Brighton is dedicated to helping businesses that have a sustainability element to move to the next level of business growth. They have access to R&D funding for environmentally responsible projects.

In addition, Cooden Tax Consulting, experts at claiming R&D tax credits on behalf of client businesses, are offering reduced fees for green businesses that want help in claiming relief for green projects and research.

Together, these initiatives provide an opportunity for businesses to fund research into more environmentally sustainable products and services and to benefit from the assistance of a specialist in claiming back significant tax credits.


Is your Innovation “Green”?

If you are running a “Green” business and you are keen to prepare a Research and Development Tax Credits claim, we’ll do it for you at a significantly reduced rate of 12.5% of the tax saving if you sign up with us at any time, which is a 50% discount on our normal rates. Likewise, if you have a Patent for your “Green” technology, we’ll help you access the “Patent Box”.


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